The current state of unrest…

America, the country other countries used to want to be like and were jealous of, now the country that everyone sees as a joke. Why? Because we spend so much time being angry, some over fairness, some over rights and the big no-no issue race.

Let’s tackle the easy one first, fairness. Guess what Life’s not fair. You are not entitled to anything except what you work for. Nope sorry, just because you were born in America, your ancestors or my ancestors did something or another, you have kids, you smoke/don’t smoke, you curse/don’t curse, or what ever the difference is, you are still not entitled to a damn thing. If it impacts health, okay fine we make changes. If it will improve the economy or the country as a whole, okay if we vote on it. But to just keep forcing everything down everyone’s throat is not going to make any good changes.

Why does everyone have to like everything, why do we have to allow or disallow things because we want our way. It’s simple. Unless it’s job related or life impacting, let it go. If it offends you, ignore it. Unless it causes you physical pain, suck it up. Why are we creating such a tender footed society and yet it’s filled with more hate than ever. ¬†If you don’t like my religion fine don’t believe, listen participate etc. Don’t like Scientology or those that are agnostic? Same thing don’t associate with them. Say hi, treat them as humans and don’t discuss beliefs, see it’s simple.

I could go on about these subjects for hours and I’m sure I will revisit some as we go forward. But for now on this post and all going forward, I will close with this. Be kind, love yourself, remember tomorrow is not promised, so tell your loved ones what they mean to you.

My first blog post …and a warning!

Do you ever just have that feeling that you need to vent but you can’t or won’t because you are so worried about offending someone? Well me too, on a daily basis. So I create this blog as a place to vent albeit anonymously as to not offend some of those I do actually care about.

Say what you want to, share what you want to, and please most of all avoid bullying and name calling as it tends to create more strife. There is a difference between being respectful of your fellow human and just being a dick.

That does bring me to another point, I use curse words “gasp” I know, there are some that say it makes you sound less intelligent, well I’m not here to base my self esteem and self worth on what some uptight asshats think of me.

That brings me to the last point, the about me section. I am a 40 year old, over-weight woman who some say needs to act her age. My race is not important, my sexual orientation is not important. I grew up in the country and have now become citified as some like to put it, but I still hold my values, some taught to me by my parents and some that I’ve discovered along the way.

Now with all that said, I tend to write my rants, my achievements and general thoughts here, some may find them amusing, some may get angry, but overall what you feel is not important, it’s about me (yes I’m selfish), with that there will be very few filters if any so if that might offend you stop reading now!


Take care for now, I’m sure I will be back soon